OminTRAX Sheds 43.2 Miles of Georgia Rail Network…

Georgia RailNet MapVALDOSTA, GA - MAY 7, 2012 - OmniTRAX is shedding a portion of its Georgia & Florida Railway, L.L.C. (GFR) network that is dissected from the core of the network in Southern Georgia.

On May 4, CaterParrott Railnet, L.L.C. (CPR), a non-carrier, has filed a notice with the Surface Transportation Board to sublease from GFR and operate the rail line between Valdosta and Willacoochee, GA, the physical assets of which are owned by Georgia Department of Transportation and currently leased to GFR. The 43.2-mile rail line is located between Milepost 30.6, near Valdosta, and Milepost 73.8, at Willacoochee, in Lowndes, Berrien and Atkinson Counties, Georgia.

Christopher Parrott and Jamie Cater are the managing partners of CaterParrott Rail net, L.L.C. and have agreements in place with both OmniTRAX and the State of Georgia to consummate operations upon STB approval.

CPR will have interchange with both CSXT and Norfolk Southern at Valdosta, GA.

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