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NEW FEATURES ADDED 9/24/2013!  (See the Features Page Link)

Eastern Railroad News Online Magazine is a digital only publication of news and features covering eastern North America – specifically everywhere east of the Mississippi in the United States and the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.  ERN provides daily news at least six days a week and often seven, with breaking news updated at all hours.  In addition, ERN will provide features from all over the coverage area.  The publication is completely subscription-based since July 1, 2012 to access the news and features/columns; however some areas of the site will remain completely free and open to the public.  Eastern Railroad News Online Magazine had its original beginning in 1997, when it was the FIRST online railroad news magazine.  That tenure lasted through 2003, when the publication was halted due to family and work commitments.  ERN is back to stay this time and we plan on bringing you exclusive detail-oriented news, often as it happens or immediately following, combined with information and news that you may find in a variety of media outlets, but all in one place! Please use the menu bar to navigate the site and click on the homepage image links to access the feature stories. Enjoy the site and please provide us feedback on how to make it better for you!  -ERN Team